My Concept

Shahana Taj Restaurant

My private dining brings you a whole new world of food experience. From my mouth watering exotic appetizers and food options with combination of spectacular Bolivian dance shows, we will take you to a journey, that you have never been before. Come experience a cultures and traditions of Pakistan, with touch of South America ...

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My Menu

I have lived and cooked in South America as well as in North America, my private dining experience consists of cuisine of Pakistan with mix of my own fusion options. For me cooking is always in R & D, Research and Development, therefor I never stop developing new dishes. I do wish to be the ambassador of my cuisine ...

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Pakistani Music

It is not just about the food, it is also about history, culture and the entertainment. I offer an interactive food and cultural experience. Combined with music and dances of from country. As part of cultural awareness and entertainment you will learn to dance Bhangra music at popular folk music from province of Punjab ...

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